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November 5, 2016 - Class of 60 Something Dance

About 11 people attended the dance recently. It was fabulous.  The music was great.  The Mag Men and Del Chords sounded awesome.  Everyone had so much fun dancing.  Les McNally did his duty and danced with all the women.  Thanks Janet for sharing him! He showed Kathy Yost Brown how to jitterbug!

So it was decided that we wanted to do this again.  The next dance is November 5, 2016.  Save the date, commit early!  Let Kathy Yost Brown know and she will get 2 tables this time. We all brought a little snack and the beer was cheap… A buck a cup.  Plus they had mixed drinks and hotdogs on the rollers!  They looked so good. 

Anyway, it was cool to see people from all the different classes and all the different schools.  Come join the group!





West York Class of 1968

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May 18-19, 2018

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